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Nuit Rambles On

happy summer solstice

happy summer solstice

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wishing you an abundant and warm summer solstice. fuzzy picture -sorry. There are a lot of things on this table, dragons from ewan, a bowl made by tegen, a moon crystal i bought for carmel when i was ill, the bottle casting the amazing shadow, appropriately is fom my sister sal, a flower scarf like magic's that wraps her tarot, a burner from richard, a bird vase my mother bought in mexico, a card from my friend kim whose sister had cancer at the same time as me, and sadly didn't make it. In the bowl is a gift from Gem and Ki, the little tea light at the front was given to me by a wise woman and shiatsu therapist who helped to save my life and whose light i ignite every once in a while, there are crystals for clarity and a turquoise for my sister charlotte, who makes me think of that. And most of all a whole load of incense burned for all the people that matter and flowers to celebrate it all. thank you XXXX
Gem, whatever power there is in it has been sent to you and your family
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    • we have dragons all over the house..
      you are very welcome, i hope one of these years to get to some place for the sunrise, many years ago i was at stonehenge, but today was really really cloudy anyhow. mid summer ha!
      is a good festival though despite what the weather decides- all full and joyous and hopeful.
  • To you too, honey! *smooches*
  • Happy Summer Soltice to you too! I love the little sun?-lit one that's beautiful.
  • Happy Summer Solstice, Nuit! *huggles tight*
  • happy summer solstice to you, too, Nuit *hug* What's the long purpleish flat thing on the left side of the table?

    We love dragons in our house. Hubby even has a big dragon tattoo on his calf :D
    • i am not sure what you mean- thing it is the top of the incense burner.
      does he? bet that hurt!
      thanks *hugs*
  • Thank you.XXXXX
  • Happy Summer Solstice. XXX So many special things that you have there.
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