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Joe Byrne Fan Fiction and stories

A small and select bunch only will have fond this by internet search-or indeed be looking- welcome.
My small Joe Byrne Fanfiction site can be found here the Larrikin Mary.

or if you want to go straight to Visions of Joe then here you go
Visions of Joe

Just to let you know...

Title Visions of Joe
Author Nuit
Category Movie- Ned Kelly
Type Historical, Love and Sex, Politics and Religion
Rating R- M/F
Warnings Some sex, a little voyeurism, profanity mainly of a religious nature due to who they are, character death..jeez..
Characters Most of those in the film plus Evie McBride a female O/C and her family
SummaryThe story starts in 1876, Evie is 18 and a rebel, it tells her story wrapped up with that of the Kelly gang and principally Joe Byrne. The story follows the historical fact though not always precisely, drawing on Peter Carey, Robert Drewe, Max Brown and the various sites available, including the fabulous Iron Outlaw, for extra analysis and ideas. Although it has its roots in history it was inspired by Orlando's portrayal of Joe Byrne which left me shell shocked for days. I don't think I ever recovered and frankly I don't want to.
Disclaimer This my imagination and absolutely no harm is intended to those real young men whose lives have become legend.
Edited by Lizzynet and helped along its way by Unplugged32 and Blue Magic. Thank you SO much!
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